Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prescribed Fire Awareness Week in North Carolina

Did you know it is Prescribed Fire Awareness Week in North Carolina? Governor Perdue has declared the second full week in February a time for citizens to “learn more about prescribed burning and the essential role fire plays.” Many government agencies and organizations in our state use "controlled burns" as an effective land and ecosystem management tool. As a matter of fact, several facilities listed as North Carolina Environmental Education Centers use prescribed fire as part of their land management strategies, and incorporate the concept into their environmental education programming.

Fire plays an important role in many of our state's natural ecosystems. According to the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission:
Fire once occurred naturally across North Carolina. Low-intensity fires burned every few years, fueled by grass, leaves, pine straw and other forest debris. They kept the forest open, allowing sunlight to penetrate to its floor and reducing buildup of dangerous fuel loads. Fire suppression altered the landscape, allowing fuels to accumulate and putting people and communities in jeopardy.
There are many fire-dependent ecosystems across the state, from the mountains to the coast, including most oak and pine forests. Without fire, many native plants and animals will disappear due to lack of food, habitat and conditions needed for them to exist (NCWRC Press Release).

Read more about prescribed fires at the North Carolina Prescribed Fire Council website: http://ncprescribedfirecouncil.org/prescribed_fire_week.html You can also read respective press releases about the week and the importance of prescribed fires from the N.C. Forest Service, the N.C. Nature Conservancy and the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

A recent prescribed burn at Goose Greek Game Land. Photo by Brent Wilson/NCWRC.
Photo from NCWRC Press Release.

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